About Us

“We are a team of passionate research coordinators for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Thailand.”


The Thailand Research Fund (TRF) is one of the major research funding-agencies of Thailand. It has granted financial and academic support to various research projects, from arts and the humanities to social and natural science, from basic knowledge to strategic development issues, and from local development to public policies. TRF is a part of the Committee for Sustainable Development (CSD) as an academic entity that provides knowledge to sustainable development policies and is a member of all subcommittees of the CSD. Accordingly, to advance sustainable development in Thailand, TRF launched “Research Coordination for SDGs” project (also known as “SDG Move”).

20170501-SDGM-0080 (สำเนา)

SDG Move is a collaboration between TRF and the Faculty of Economics, Thammasat University. Its missions are:

(1) to grant research funds from TRF to researchers to produce strategic analysis and policy recommendations for SDGs

(2) to academically support and monitor the development of SDGs in Thailand at every level, in addition to working with all sectors to achieve the Goals

(3) to observe academic progress on SDGs at the global level

(4) to raise awareness of and provide information related to SDGs to the public


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